Riot Games hired the first specialist in “diversity”


Earlier, Angela Roseborough held the same position in Dropbox.

As Riot Games reported in her blog, Angela Roseborough will be responsible for all the activities in the direction of “diversity” and inclusion, as well as work on programs for the development of culture in the company.

Roseboro will also lead a separate recruitment team that will be responsible for inclusiveness among candidates.

In total, Angela Roseboro has more than 20 years of work in this area. She previously held a similar position at Dropbox, heading the department for the development of equality and inclusion in the company.

Attracting a specialist in “diversity” is one of the measures taken by Riot Games to eradicate sexism in the company.

At the end of February, the company told what it had achieved in the past six months. Riot singled out a whole division for cultural development, updated the list of values ​​of the company, restructured the complaints process, and also changed the approach to conducting interviews.

Back in September, Riot hired an expert on corporate culture, Francis Frey, who helped Uber after the scandal – then a former engineer accused colleagues of harassment, and the head and founder of the company, Travis Kalanick, resigned on the background of the situation.

So far, all indications are that Riot took the problem seriously, but despite the steps already taken, the company’s management believes that much remains to be done.


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