Media: Square Enix banned broadcasting on Left Alive in Japan amid problematic release


Players complain about game design, management and graphics.

The Japanese release of Left Alive in the Front Mission universe took place on February 28, and in the early days players were free to stream stealth action, with the exception of some cut scenes with spoilers. However, on March 1, some users began to notice that games were not broadcast on YouTube.

Apparently, the Left Alive broadcast on YouTube blocked. 
Is it because of the many negative reviews?

By the time this post is written on Twitch and YouTube, there are several broadcasts of Left Alive, so the blocking seems to be not common. The Square Enix itself did not comment on the ban.

The first players in the meantime criticized the stealth action. 72% of Amazon Japan users who gave feedback about the game gave her one point out of five, while only 7% gave the highest score.

Players complained about the poor management of both the characters themselves and the furs, which are a key element of the Front Mission universe, where Left Alive events unfold.

In addition, frustrating players and game design with graphics – some even compared the stealth action with titles for PS2 and PS3.

On Amazon Japan, the game is already selling at a 44% discount, just a few days after the release. As noted by the publication Siliconera, the last time this was only in June 2018, when the cost of the New Gundam Breaker fell by 56% after less than a week from the release.

In the West, Left Alive will be released on March 5 on PS4 and PC.

Stealth, action and hijacking a giant robot: 14 minutes of gameplay Left Alive 


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