Kotaku: Riot management dismissed the director, accused of indecent behavior, for two months


Ordinary employees believe that against the background of the scandal about sexism, the company simply covers the “top”. They are sure that the director should be fired or demoted.

In August 2018, Kotaku published an investigation into the corporate culture of Riot Games. The publication talked with current and former employees of the company and spoke about the problems inside the studio: sexism towards employees, “bro-culture” and inappropriate behavior on the part of the management. The company responded that it had begun to take action to eliminate these problems.

As Kotaku learned, in mid-December, the Riot leadership sent operating director Scott Gelb on unpaid leave for two months because of allegations of indecent behavior at work.

The publication said that the name of Gelba appeared in anonymous interviews of some employees during the preparation of the investigation. They said that for the director it was normal as a joke to “tap on the testicles,” fart at employees or play sex.

It was completely normal. Grabbing eggs and the like – this was well known to all.

anonymous employee

As other interviewees noted in interviews, employees of lower rank also adopted similar behavior, which caused discomfort in women.

The decision about Gelba is given in a corporate letter from the executive director Nicolo Laurent. He explained that the law firm Seyfarth Shaw conducted an investigation inside the company, the outcome of which Loren decided to leave the operating director for his position. As punishment, Gelba was sent for two months on unpaid leave.

As Lauren explained in the letter, this choice is dictated by the fact that Gelb occupies one of the highest positions in the company, he “adheres to a higher level of responsibility and transparency.” In addition, Loren stressed that “rumors about the actions of Gelb in the company, circulating in the media, do not correspond to reality.” Kotaku notes that Riot did not respond to the publication’s request about what kind of information given in the Kotaku investigation is untrue. Nevertheless, Lauren agreed that at first after the founding of the company Scott Gelb really behaved inappropriately and unacceptable.

Scott could avoid his own past and all the consequences. He could leave Riot. But instead, he chose the path of responsibility and redemption. I will support him on this journey, and I will again turn to him as an excellent leader when he returns next year. Hope you join me.

Nicolo Laurenexecutive

director of Riot

On condition of anonymity, several current employees of the company told Kotaku that they were outraged by Lauren’s decision. They blamed the leadership for double standards and trying to cover those who are at the origin of the corporate “bro-culture”.

For Riot, protecting their horrible friends is more important than protecting their vulnerable employees. Nothing will change until the workers do at least something directly with it.anonymous employee

Many felt that layoffs for two months were not enough and that this was disrespectful to the injured or humiliated because of the actions of Gelba employees. Someone even called such an act “a tiny slap in the face.” The respondents noted that it would be more fair to dismiss the operational director or demotion him.

Recently, after the release of the investigation Kotaku is not the first high-profile case around the corporate culture in Riot. In early November, the former and current employees of the company filed a lawsuit against her for sexual harassment and discrimination. The plaintiffs demanded that the management stop maintaining the sexist atmosphere, and also set an equal salary regardless of gender.


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