“Diversity” specialist and cultural development department: how Riot Games is going to eradicate sexism in the company


“Our goal is not just to be good, we want to become leaders of diversity, inclusion and culture.”

Almost a month after the release of the investigation by Kotaku journalist Cecilia D’Anastasio about sexism in Riot Games, the authors of League of Legends told how to solve the problem and what steps in this direction they have already taken.

In a statement, the company acknowledged that it had let down all former, current and future employees. In the latter, as noted by Riot, she now needs most, as new people can help her make the necessary changes to remedy the situation.

As for the changes themselves, Riot intends to achieve them in several ways at once. The company has already managed to open a department of cultural development, which will monitor the inclusiveness in the organization and report directly to the CEO.

In addition, Riot contacted two third-party consultants in the field of culture, who will share their expertise and recommendations with the company, as well as develop a methodology for tracking the progress of changes and identifying errors.

The company paid special attention to the process of investigating specific cases – now the organization has a hotline where every employee can anonymously file a complaint. In addition, Riot attracted an external law firm to evaluate its internal policy.

It is reported that Riot has already begun to take action against individual cases, including the dismissal of employees. However, the details of such decisions will not be publicly disclosed.

The creators of League of Legends also intend to push the boundaries for potential candidates for a particular position and make sure that jobs are available to all demographic groups.

Riot is also going to conduct trainings for all employees – previously they were intended only for managers. Moreover, there will be trainings on counteracting harassment.

Finally, the company opened the vacancies of the chief specialist in personnel and the chief specialist in “diversity”. Employees who take these positions will join the leadership of Riot and will follow the process of change and cultural development.

The company is convinced that it will not work out the situation overnight — it may take several years.

But we never retreated before the trials, and do not plan to do it now.from the statement of

Riot Games


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