Microsoft Store users found a bug that allows you to buy some AAA games for less than 100 rubles

Vulnerability applies only to those titles, in which the price is indicated in dollars.

In mid-November, prices for some games in MS Store for an unknown reason began to be indicated in dollars. If you pay for such a game, the money will be withdrawn from the card at the current rate of the American currency.

However, store users found a bug that allows you to pay for these games at the rate of 1 dollar to one ruble. To do this, you need to add to the basket one game with a ruble price, and the rest – with prices in dollars. Then when you pay dollars are converted into rubles.

In order not to buy something expensive, MS Store users began to add 50 rubles to the Rocket League addition to the basket.

In social networks you can already find many reviews of satisfied players who bought Cuphead for 13 rubles, Shadow of War for 33 rubles, and the maximum edition of Forza Horizon 4 for 72 rubles.

Because of the huge number of people who reported an error, the administration of one of the most popular groups on VKontakte on Xbox had to close the wall.

At the moment, Microsoft has not commented on the situation. It is not known when the error will be eliminated and whether the company is going to cancel the orders of the players who managed to purchase the game.


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