Microsoft began to fix prices for games in the digital store


Apparently, it was a bug when converting to dollars.

On March 1, Russian players complained that prices for many games in the Microsoft Store became dollar-like and at the same time increased significantly. For example, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has risen in price to almost $ 100 (more than 6,000 rubles).

A few hours later, the problem was partially resolved. Now, many of the games that had inflated prices are the standard $ 60.

For some releases, this can even be considered a cheapening. For example, Metro Exodus was sold at the start for 4099 rubles, and now it will cost $ 60 (approximately 3950 rubles).

The price of Sekrio at the same time almost did not change – from 3,999 rubles to about 3,950 rubles.

At the same time, regional prices seem to have completely disappeared from the store. Devil May Cry 5 was sold in Russia for 3499 rubles (in the PS Store as well), and now it costs $ 60 – almost 500 rubles more.

In this case, the error in the price is not fixed everywhere. For example, A Plague Tale: Innocence at the time of this writing costs $ 85, more than 5 thousand rubles. Apparently, the price of the game will be set in the United States – at $ 50. This is 3288 rubles against 3499 rubles from Sony.

In the “Coming soon” section of the Microsoft Store, there is no longer any release with a ruble price. It seems that this was the final stage in the transfer of the store to dollar prices.

The last time, when Microsoft converted the prices of its games, a bug appeared , which allowed to buy some of them at 60-100 rubles. This time the company seems to have gone the opposite way – temporarily made the games more expensive.


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