Ubisoft has made changes to the scandalous plot of the addition of AC: Odyssey and renamed Achievement


The update also entered mode “New Game +”.

In total, Ubisoft took a month to change the final addition – the authors of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey promised to correct it in late January.

Along with the update, the cut-scene at the end of “Shadows of the Past” has changed, as well as some of the dialogues – now players can leave the relationship with the daughter or son of Assassin Darius not romantic, but you can’t refuse to conceive a child, as Ubisoft has already confirmed.

Previously, after the protagonist started a child, players were also given the achievement “Growing Up” – his Ubisoft changed before the update, and now it is called “Leonidas blood”.

It is unclear how the update affects those players who have already completed the addition, and whether they will get the opportunity to change its final. It is also not known whether the plot of the third and final episode of the arch “The Legacy of the First Blade” has changed as a result – it will be released on March 5.

In addition to the adjusted final, the update included the New Game + mode, which allows you to start the game again, retaining all the experience and equipment, while changing the main character.

A full patch description is available on Reddit. On the PC, it “weighs” 4.7 gigabytes, on the PS4 5.7 gigabytes and on the Xbox One – 5.5 gigabytes.

Additional points of synchronization and “New game +” – how AC: Odyssey will be updated in February


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