Square Enix has begun negotiations on the sale of the studio IO Interactive


In the future, the publishing house plans to focus more on its own franchises.

Square Enix, which since 2009 owns the IO Interactive team responsible for the games of the Hitman series and Kane & Lynch, is going to sell the studio.

The company has begun negotiations with potential investors and is currently discussing the possibility of receiving funds. So far there are no guarantees that the negotiations will be successful, but work in this direction is conducted on the basis of the interests of shareholders, the studio and the industry as a whole.From the Square Enix statement

Also on May 11, Square Enix published a report for the 2017 fiscal year. The company managed to achieve 20% revenue growth, which amounted to $ 2.26 billion. Profit also increased by 20% and reached 274.9 million. The main sources of revenue were Final Fantasy XV and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It is not yet known how, after the completion of cooperation with IO Interactive Square, Enix will continue to support the 2016 Hitman game, which is being released in episode format.


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