CD Projekt: “Blood feud: The Witcher. Stories “did not meet expectations


And the move with the temporary exclusivity of the plot “Gwint” in the GOG was considered not very successful.

In a conversation with investors on the quarterly report of CD Projekt, CEO Adam Kichinski admitted that sales of “Blood Enmity” were significantly lower than the company had expected.

Publishers and developers were very pleased with the positive reviews from critics and players, but for the time being, a major hit cannot be called a release.

However, Kichinski stressed that the matter is primarily in high expectations. The game is far from failure, and on consoles it will be released only on December 4th.

Although our “Blood feud” has not yet met our expectations, we are optimistic.

We hope that the game will be sold for many more years, even if the sales on the release turned out to be less than we thought.Adam ChichinskiCEO and President of CD Projekt

Apparently, due to weak sales, the company released Blood Enmity not only in its own GOG store, but also on Steam, although it was not even mentioned in the first trailers .

The head of CD Projekt acknowledged that the audience of the Valve service is much larger. But he began to deny that publishers changed their plans for “exclusivity” at the last moment.

The GOG platform is our priority, and we want to release our games there for those users who want to support us directly.

However, the coverage of the GOG is incomparably less than that of Steam. And on Steam, there is a large community of Witcher fans, that’s why we released the game there. […]

Our company does not adhere to any clear long-term plans. I do not want to go into details, but we take into account all the options for action. And always considered the possibility of release on Steam.Adam ChichinskiCEO and President of CD Projekt

During the conversation with investors, Kichinski stressed several times that the “Blood feud” is a kind of experiment. On launching their future titles, including Cyberpunk 2077, the approach to temporary exclusivity on the PC can change.

About the future of the series “The Witcher. Stories “in CD Projekt refused to speak. The CEO said that while the company is not going to announce anything, everything will depend on the continued success of the game that has already been released.

Initially, “Blood feud” was supposed to be a story campaign inside “Gvint”, but later the developers expanded it to an independent 30-hour RPG. She went out to GOG on October 26, and on Steam two weeks later.


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