Brigitte Lindholm – the twenty-seventh hero of Overwatch


The daughter of an engineer Torbjörn will become a character class support.

Update : the character will appear on regular servers already on March 20.

After a few teasers , which in Blizzard began to publish on February 23, the developers officially announced that Brigitte Lindholm will become the twenty-seventh hero of Overwatch.

The video tells a brief background of the heroine. By profession, Torbjörn’s daughter is a mechanic, and the main assistant to Reinhardt, her father’s fighting friend, who is her godfather.

Brigitte is a support fighter who can heal allies and give them extra armor by throwing special repair kits.

Her main weapon is a long-range missile flail, which allows her to hit several opponents with one stroke. Brigitte’s “Slap Shot” ability deals damage to the enemy from afar, discarding it.

In addition, it is able to strike with a shield, making a jerk, stunning enemies, as well as covering allies, creating an energy barrier.

Her superpowers, the “General Collection”, increases the speed of movement of the heroine and gives additional armor to all friendly heroes near her.

Brigitte is already available on the Overwatch test servers, but the exact date of her appearance in the game on all platforms is unknown.


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