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Analysts: EA made a mistake by allowing reviews of the Anthem PC version to appear so early


Michael Pakter believes that the weak start of the game is due, among other things, to the fact that it was not created for PC.

CNBC Publication interviewed several analysts about the situation with Anthem, which started in British retail 10 times worse than Destiny. The representative of the company Newzoo Guilherme Fernandez believes that investors should not worry because of low ratings of the game. EA is a big company with a lot of titles. Not every one of them must become a hit, Fernandez said. The publishing portfolio has the “royal battle” of Apex Legends, as well as a line of successful sports titles.

Michael Pacter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, said that EA is not doing very well during the whole financial year. In the last quarterly report, the company reportedweak sales of Battlefield V, and also lowered its revenue forecast for the end of the fiscal year from 5.2 billion to 4.75 billion dollars.

Also, according to Pakter, EA made a mistake by allowing reviews and reviews on the Anthem PC version to appear online too soon. Origin Access Premier subscribers have access to the shooter a week before the full release.

Personally, I think Anthem is just not a PC game. It has flights: maneuvering a flying hero is more like driving a car. On a PC, it is not very convenient to control such movements, but on consoles the control works flawlessly.

Michael packerAnalyst Wedbush Securities

Pakter believes that Anthem reviews for consoles will be on average 10 points higher than the PC version estimates. At Metacritic, the game received 60 points out of 100.


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