The authors of The Outer Worlds about the black humor and gloomy tone of the game: “We do not want to bring people to two weeks of depression”

The developers tried to strike a balance between funny and serious.

In an interview with Game Informer, leading game designers at The Outer Worlds, Tim Kane and Leonard Boyarsky described the overall mood of the game as “black humor.”

According to them, they did not go away from their usual style, which they “stumbled upon” while working on the first Fallout.

The creators of the RPG admitted that then did not even think about such things. Now they are trying to complement the most funny episodes with some more serious subtext so that they do not have “just jokes”.

Kane said it’s hard to enjoy the “continuously dark” game, if this game is not Dark Souls. As Boyarsky added, a mixture of different styles and moods gives the story depth and helps to achieve an emotional reaction from the players.

The developers noted that they constantly monitored each other, trying not to overdo it with humor or tragedy.

Leonard tries to push the brakes, when something seems too stupid, and I – when something seems too gloomy.

After all, in fact, we do not want to bring people to a two-week depression after the passage.

Tim Cainegame designer

Boyarsky joked that “one week will be enough.”

Therefore, the tone of The Outer Worlds will gradually become more serious and creepy – as the player learns what is happening in the game world.

The developers have told that they give advice to other screenwriters. For example, to avoid “jokes for their own people”, using perhaps references that a person will perceive from the outside as a natural part of the story.

Humor must always be situational and contextualized. You need to make it so that it comes from the story you are telling and from the characters of the characters.

We try not to write some funny situations or phrases just for the sake of laughter. They have to explain something about this or that hero, about the world around, about the plot.

Leonard Boyarskygame designer

Boyarsky said that one of the episodes in the game had to be rewritten, despite how the whole team liked him.

According to the game designer, there the characters broke the “fourth wall”. But despite how successful the scene was in terms of comedy, the situation was impossible to explain in the universe of The Outer Worlds. She was not convincing enough.

As a result, the script was “adjusted” so that it was possible to believe what was happening.

To keep this balance is incredibly difficult. Because there are so many people around who are crazy about this scene, they consider it hilarious!

But if we take a step in this direction, then everything will begin to crumble.

We had large-scale discussions about this, where we had to explain how humor works and what will be implied by this or that phrase.

It is after this that they call me a person who does not want the game to be fun.

Leonard Boyarskygame designer

The Outer Worlds will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.


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