Digital Foundry about Far Cry New Dawn: a game that was created with an eye on PS4 Pro


On Sony consoles, the shooter is more stable, but on Xbox One X it looks better.

Experts from the technical division of Eurogamer tested the console versions of Far Cry New Dawn to find out how much the game graphically differs from Far Cry 5 and on which platform the best performance. Digital Foundry recalled that New Dawn was created on the same version of the Dunia engine, which is the fifth part of the Ubisoft shooter, and in that game on Xbox One, FPS subsidence and image breaks were observed.

In all versions of the game, “selective” screen reflections are used. That is, elements of the landscape and NPC are reflected in the water, but not effects like explosions. Experts say that even on Xbox One X, on which the game is played in 4K resolution, reflections do not work perfectly, but most of the time look acceptable.

As for the animations, they are good in cut scenes, but the mimicry of the characters during the gameplay itself is much poorer. Lip sync, as stated by Digital Foundry, is purely utilitarian in nature.

In contrast to the Xbox One X, on the PS4 Pro, the game goes in the resolution of 2880×1620 – like Far Cry 5. Digital Foundry notes that the difference in resolution is noticeable at this density and vegetation detail.

On the basic PlayStation 4, the game works in Full HD resolution – 1920×1080 pixels, while Xbox One launches New Dawn in the same resolution as the fifth part – 1440×1080 pixels. Usually, the difference between these resolutions is not very noticeable, but due to the abundance of vegetation in Far Cry, the picture on the Microsoft console looks “muddy”.

Although Xbox One X is the best console for playing Far Cry New Dawn, even here there are problems. In particular, some objects appear “out of thin air” right in front of the player.

In addition, upon closer inspection, the shadows on the characters do not look very good, even on improved versions of consoles. However, on the Xbox One X there is an additional shading in some places, which is not on the basic version.

As for the frame rate, then on all consoles it is set at around 30 frames per second. The Xbox One X and both versions of the PlayStation 4 maintain a stable frequency. However, on the console from Microsoft, there are rare “gaps” frames. This problem is not observed on PS4 Pro. Digital Foundry has suggested that Ubisoft, while developing the game, first of all focused on this console, since the smoothness of the image and responsiveness of control here is the best that can be obtained at 30 frames per second.

On the Xbox One, drawdowns of up to 28 fps occur, but Eurogamer’s technical division’s specialists were more worried about frame breaks during battles. In most games, they occur at the top of the screen, but here – right in the center. Digital Foundry recalled that the same problem was with Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 in the past generation of consoles.

In general, for a comfortable game, experts recommended using at least the basic PlayStation 4. The best version, in their opinion, is for Xbox One X.

Far Cry New Dawn – a direct continuation of Far Cry 5. Its release took place on February 15. The game received mixed reviews from critics – its average Metacritic rating is 71 points out of 100.


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