Blizzard starts teasing the 30th hero of Overwatch


Perhaps it will be the former medical group “Claw”.

post appeared on Twitter Overwatch , in which it is shown how someone cracks the firewall of the Claw. Hacker interested in the report of Captain Cuerve on the operation in Haiti.

The report tells how the Cuerve unit was defeated on a mission to search for and capture Jean-Batista Augustin, a doctor who had deserted from Claw. According to the report, Augustin eliminated the strike team, and Cuerve, who headed it, sent a message with a note and chevrons of the missing soldiers. The message said: “Come, Cuerva, I’m waiting.”

Cuerva himself describes Augustin as the master of the highest class.

He studied personally with me and was one of the best. There is hardly any other physician in the world who shoots so neatly, and his ability to quickly adapt to any situation is very rare. We all visited not one battle, but Batiste always comes unscathed. The devil himself would envy his luck.From the report of Captain Cuerwe

In addition, one of Overwatch fans deciphered the hexadecimal code from the message on Twitter. It contained the name of Batista.


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