The patch of the first day removed from Anthem HDR and lowered performance on the PC


The update has improved some of the components of the game, but spoiled a lot.

On February 21, Anthem released a big update of the first day – both for PC and for console versions. Before the release of the patch, the developers promised that they would reduce the time of downloads in the cooperative action, and many users actually noticed improvements in this area.

In addition, several pleasant changes have appeared in the mechanics of the game – for example, the Colossi can now revive teammates without lowering the shield, and in the inventory it has become easier to understand how much the modifiers enhance a particular weapon.

However, the update not only improved the game, but also added significant issues to it. Even before the release, the owners of Xbox One X praised the HDR in the game, however, along with the patch of the first day, this function disappeared for unknown reasons – and on the PS4 too.

HDR disappeared on Xbox One X. In other games, it works fine, but Anthem doesn’t turn on anymore (there are no manual settings in the options either). 
Please correct this. 
The game looked magically up to this patch.

In addition, performance complaints appeared on the PC after the patch. As noted by Kotaku , in locations where previously fps did not fall below 50, it now falls below 30. For players who played the game at 70-80 frames per second, this figure dropped to about 50.

Anthem producer Mike Darra on Twitter said that performance problems may be on the side of Nvidia software. In the meantime, Reddit users are trying to increase fps in the most unusual ways – for example, reducing the sound quality helped someone, and changes in texture filtering settings in the Nvidia application helped someone.

In addition, Darra confirmed that the “Quick Game” in the “Fortress” mode was temporarily removed due to server problems. As noted by Kotaku, for many users, this was the main way Grinda is to join random players and complete the mission with them when friends are unavailable for some reason.

The official release of Anthem took place on February 22. The average score of the game on Metacritic dropped to 61 out of 100 – noticeably lower than Mass Effect Andromeda. This contributed to the negative reviews from PC Gamer (55/100) and IGN (65/100).


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