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Stores in Germany and Australia began selling Anthem at a discount on release day


The game has already lost in the price of about 30 euros.

On February 22, several reports appeared on the German service that you can already buy Anthem in local retail with a big discount.

The user under the nickname under86 drew attention to a special promotion in the local Media Markt. Judging by the photos, the game is given for 39 euros, although the starting price for AAA games in Germany is 69.99 euros.

A few hours earlier, a confirmation from another user appeared in the service .

At the same time in the online store Media Markt the game is still worth 69.99.

Earlier, participants of the forum Resetera reported that many Australian retailers also lowered the price of the game even before the day of release. Anthem in Australia is already available for 55 local dollars, which corresponds to 397.68 United States Dollar

Moreover, almost all the major Russian retailers in various ways are trying to increase the demand for the game. For example, in “M.Video” at the start you can get a steelbook at the price of the basic edition, and “1C Interest” plays caps, t-shirts and consoles among Anthem buyers.


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