Steampunk Horror Close to the Sun will be released on PC exclusively in the Epic Games Store


The release of the game is scheduled for 2019.

Previously, the Italian studio Storm in a Teacup, which develops Close to the Sun, changed the Unity engine that was used in the game initially to the Unreal Engine 4. In November 2018, the team also won a cash grant that Epic Games donates to the most talented indie developers on UE 4.

According to the story Close to the Sun, journalist Rose Archer, in search of her sister, went to the floating city of Helios, which was built by Nikola Tesla. The ship was used as a haven for independent scientists experimenting with matter and time — however, on arrival, Rose Archer discovered that a disaster had occurred on the ship.

Close to the Sun is already available for pre-order at the Epic Games Store. The cost of pre-purchase in the Russian Federation is 799 rubles.


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