Real Time Detective Investigation: 9 minutes of game play The Occupation


Stealth and various options for the passage in the setting of retro-futurism.

In the expanded trailer, the developers from White Paper Games studio showed one of the fragments from a political thriller, which takes place in the 1987 alternative UK.

The main character is a journalist whose goal is to find out the truth about a legislative act that can limit civil liberties.

The video showed an episode devoted to the investigation of one of the evidence, which can be found in The Occupation. The player finds out where there is evidence that the statistics related to the bill have been forged.

They can get into the right room in one of several ways – through ventilation, a window, finding out the password or turning off the power of the electronic lock, and then retrieving the data diskette there.


At the same time, the time before its owner returns to the office is limited, and it will depend on the departure path whether the data on the media will be damaged.

Developers emphasize that players could ignore the lead and take a different path. The further attitude of others to him will depend on whether the hero is spotted in a place where access is denied and if he turns off the alarm. It’s impossible to die or completely fail a task in the game.

The Occupation will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 5 – the release was originally scheduled for October, but the game was postponed to “polish” it.


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