Only 50% of Apex Legends players on PS4 resurrected an ally at least once


This is evidenced by the proportion of players who received the achievement “Team player” in PSN – it is equal to 49.5%. Achievement is issued for the resurrection of an ally from the squad with the help of beacons placed on the map.

The player under the nickname Kurdel paid attention to the statistics, surprised at such a low figure for a team game.

49.5% is really small, but you should bear in mind that Apex Legends is free, and there are many who come to one match and never start the game again. Such players in statistics are also counted.

But there are, of course, other reasons.

Not all allies deserve to be resurrected.TheUnseenTheUnheard

Once I tried, but so far I ran to the lighthouse with banners of both allies died myself.Soma

It is difficult to resurrect allies when you die first.blitzblake

Partially, that is why, since the release, players began to ask Respawn to play alone, not with a squad. The mention of such a solo mode has already been found in the files of the Battle Royal, but when it appears in the game, it is still unknown – the developers do not talk about it.


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