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Insider: Microsoft will tell about the next Xbox on E3 2019, but the console will go on sale in 2020

The console will run along with Halo Infinite.

According to Brad Sams, citing sources inside Microsoft, the company plans to tell the first details about the next generation Xbox already at E3 2019. Device prices under the code names Lockhart and Anaconda will not be announced, but Microsoft intends to actively remind players of the upcoming “iron” releases.

According to Sams, the flagship game at the launch of the new generation Xbox in the fall of 2020 will be Halo Infinite. It is expected that the game will have an open world and role-playing elements, including the ability to make decisions in quests.

Earlier in the network , information appeared that Microsoft also plans to release several of its games on the Nintendo Switch (most likely Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead), as well as launch its Game Pass service on the Nintendo console – including broadcast content using cloud servers.

In this case, the Sony E3 2019 will not go. Instead of visiting the exhibition, the company plans to hold several of its own events throughout the year. Analysts and journalists expect that the company will also tell the first details about the PS5 already in 2019.


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