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In the Australian studio EA began mass layoffs


FireMonkeys deals exclusively with mobile games.

According to the Australian division of Kotaku, the total number of FireMonkeys employees totals about 200 people, and as a result of a wave of layoffs, between 40 and 50 of them lost their jobs. This, in turn, is equal to about 5% of all developers in the country.

An employee of the studio anonymously told Kotaku that the situation in the office is “gloomy”, and the remaining employees fear the complete closure of FireMonkeys in the future.

The representative of EA in his statement to the publication noted that despite the anxiety of the Australian studio will continue to work. He also confirmed that FireMonkeys entered the “consultation period” and will soon shift its focus to service games.

FireMonkeys was created in 2012 by combining IronMonkey and FireMint – this is one of the largest gaming studios in Australia that deals exclusively with mobile titles. During its existence, it has released Real Racing 3, The Sims: Freeplay and Need for Speed: No Limits.

In recent years, the studio also worked on Real Racing 4, but the project, according to Kotaku, was canceled.

This is the third case of massive layoffs in the gaming industry in February. In the middle of the month, Activision reported that 775 employees would be deprived of work, and on the 22nd it became known that about a third of employees would leave ArenaNet studio, known from Guild Wars 2, for a total of 400 people.

The developers of Guild Wars 2 announced the impending mass layoffs in the studio 


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