Additional story missions and mode of “nuclear winter”: developers Fallout 76 told about the plans for 2019 year


Major updates will start coming out regularly from mid-March.

Bethesda presented a content plan for Fallout 76 until the fall of 2019 – it is divided into three periods with different themes.

Each of these “seasons” includes several major updates that will be released gradually over several months.

In detail, the developers told only about the first one – Wild Appalachia (“Wild Appalachians”), the first patch in which will be released on March 12.

In MMORPG add a few mechanics – for example, the ability to prepare alcoholic beverages, install machines to trade with other players and take photos with the camera.

In addition, at the end of March, a survival mode will appear in Fallout 76 with an updated PvP system, which was described in January.

In April and May, the creators of the game will add two chains of tasks – “Paranormal hoofed horror” and “Only forward”, and also introduce a merchant, allowing them to exchange legendary things for other equipment of the same rarity.

On the other two update seasons so far less is known.

Nuclear Winter (“Nuclear Winter”) – Summer of 2019

  • The mode “Nuclear winter”, “completely changing the rules of life in the Wasteland.”
  • High-level raids at Shelters 96 and 94.
  • Legendary players – additional abilities for characters level 50.

Wastelanders (“Residents of the Wastes”) – Autumn 2019

  • Additional main story quest with “difficult dilemmas and serious consequences.”
  • New factions, in-game events and mechanics.

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