Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold – its first smartphone with a flexible display and six cameras


Samsung introduced the smartphone with a flexible display Galaxy Fold. The bend is placed in the middle and allows you to deploy the device, turning it into a tablet.

The device has a built-in 7.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1536 by 2152 pixels, which can be folded in half to 4.6 inches with a resolution of 840 by 1960 pixels. In this case, the device will look like a regular smartphone and fit in your pocket.

The device is equipped with six cameras: three on the rear panel, two on the inside and another one on the front side. The main ones are taken in resolutions of 12 and 16 MP, two of the three sensors are wide-angle. Two front cameras have a resolution of 8 and 10 megapixels, respectively, and another self-camera in the folded state shoots at 10 MP.

The Galaxy Fold uses a 7 nanometer processor, 12 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of “fast” internal memory. The smartphone is equipped with two batteries, which are separated by a “bend”, but are combined within the system as one 4380 mAh battery.

In the deployed mode, Galaxy Fold allows you to work immediately with three applications at the same time. When folded, the device interface and all open applications adapt to the screen.

Galaxy Fold will go on sale on April 26 at a price of 2 thousand dollars (about 140 thousand rubles). The smartphone will be released in 5G and LTE versions and will be available in four colors: “Gray Cosmos”, “Black Cosmos”, “Martian Green” and “Star Blue”.


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