Microsoft has closed the online sale of subscriptions to Xbox services in Russia

For new users, they will be available only in retail.

Since February 21, Microsoft has stopped selling subscriptions to Xbox services in Russia via the Internet – this also applies to Live Gold and Game Pass.

After conducting technical and operational analysis, Microsoft decided to redirect sales of Xbox Live subscription services from Russian-language and some other versions of the global online store to retail partners.Microsoft Press Service

Now you can buy a subscription only at retailers’ stores – either order the key online or purchase cards directly on the spot. Among the partners in Microsoft called “M.Video” and “Eldorado.”

Apparently, players who have included auto-renewal subscriptions will not be affected by the changes. It is not yet clear whether players who bought a card with a subscription after February 21 will be able to enable auto-renewal.

In this case, the sale of the games themselves in the “digital” will continue as before.

In the middle of November 2018, after numerous rumors about the corporation leaving Russia, she announced that she would convert the prices of her products into dollars. Now games like Forza Horizon 4 and Crackdown 3 are sold in Russia at ruble equivalents of dollar prices – with the transfer rate right during the transaction. Sometimes this leads to bugs , allowing you to buy a game company at the rate of 1 ruble for 1 dollar.

Microsoft stopped selling Xbox subscriptions through its online store in Russia 


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