The authors of World War Z have announced a global reduction in the price of games on the PC due to the transition to EGS


Co-op action has become cheaper in Russia.

Saber Interactive Studio and the publisher Mad Dog Games have decided to lower the price of World War Z on PC because of the reduced commission in the Epic Games Store.

We chose the Epic Games store because we consider it the best platform for players and developers.

First, the development of games is an expensive exercise, therefore, getting 88% profit instead of 70%, we can invest more in the creation of World War Z.

Secondly, we transfer a considerable part of our savings to you as players. The price of World War Z in the Epic Games store drops to $ 34.99 from the current time and will remain so at the time of the April 16 release and beyond. Players who have already pre-ordered a game for $ 39.99 will receive $ 5 back.

We’re happy to share the benefits of the Epic Games Developer Store with all of you and look forward to the moment when you can start playing it.
Matthew KarchCEO Saber Interactive

In the Russian segment of Epic Games Store, the game was supposed to cost 1699 rubles, but now it will cost 1199 rubles.

In the Microsoft Store, the game can be pre-ordered for 2199 rubles (it looks like the regional price is also valid on the Xbox One), but it still does not exist in the PS Store.

Earlier, similarly reduced commission in the Epic Games Store was used by the authors of Metro Exodus, but they made a 10-dollar discount only for residents of the United States, retaining standard prices in Europe.

Release World War Z is scheduled for April 16.


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