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Tencent will make a set of rules of conduct for China streamers


Broadcasts will ban calls for violence, as well as discussions of national policies.

Tencent Corporation intends to introduce rules of conduct for streamers in accordance with the revised requirements of the Chinese government.

Their performance will be monitored regardless of the platform – the restrictions will affect all the content of local streamers based on the games from the company.

Among other things, leading live broadcasts banned:

  • calls for violence in the real world;
  • dissemination of illegal information – including those related to terrorism, religious cults, gambling and pornography;
  • distribution of personal data without permission;
  • violation of the constitution or discussion of “sensitive topics”, such as national politics or religion;
  • copyright infringement of game publishers or other streamers;
  • distribution of information about cheating and hacking programs, as well as “boosting” of accounts;
  • spreading false information on behalf of Tencent;
  • content that has a negative social impact.

At the moment, it is not known what kind of punishment could threaten for breaking the rules and when exactly they will take effect.

This is not the first such restrictions by Tencent. In November 2018, the company announced that it would check the identities of all players in China using police databases to limit the time of gaming sessions for teenagers and children.


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