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Tencent tests face recognition system to determine age at MOBA Honor of Kings


So the company performs the measures of the Chinese government to combat child myopia.

The Chinese company Tencent has announced that it is starting to test the facial recognition system in the Honor of Kings mobile game. With its help, the publisher plans to determine the age of users.

To begin with, the system was connected to “thousands” of randomly selected users in Beijing and Shenzhen. The company does not indicate which technology it began to use.

Honor of Kings is one of the most profitable and popular mobile games in China. In August, the company SuperData called it the leader in terms of profitability on mobile platforms, and in 2017 the game brought about $ 2 billion (while the European version called Arena of Valor was not so popular – it saved only $ 3 million in seven months).

Earlier, the Honor of Kings was criticized in China due to the fact that it causes addiction in children, so in July Tencent limited the time of play to the day – no more than an hour for children under 12 years old and no more than two hours for children from 13 to 18 years old. To prevent users from circumventing the restriction, the company also introduced a real name recognition system through the Chinese service WeChat.

Age recognition and time control are measures taken by Tencent within the framework of the Chinese government’s struggle with childish shortsightedness, which the country ‘s leadership announced in late August. Then the value of the company fell by $ 20 billion.


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