Blizzard permanently reduced the price of the standard and legendary edition of Overwatch


Now on PC they cost 999 rubles and 2699 rubles, respectively.

Reduced prices for both editions of Overwatch were noticed by readers of the Reddit section of the game – Blizzard itself did not report it anywhere.

Since its release, the basic version of Overwatch has cost $ 40, and the legendary edition is $ 60. Now the price has dropped to 20 (999 rubles) and 40 (2699 rubles) dollars respectively.

At the same time, the price for updating the standard version to the legendary one has also decreased – in Russia it now costs 1,700 rubles.

Such a move on the part of Blizzard may indicate that there are fewer and fewer new players in Overwatch.

The Overwatch community responded ambiguously to a price reduction. Many believe that this will lead to even more so-called “smurfs” – second accounts of experienced players, which make it difficult for newcomers to adapt.

Kotaku: Blizzard cuts down on non-game employees and expands the reach of the business department. 


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