The release of the Sigil mod by John Romero for Doom postponed until April


Initially, he was supposed to go out in mid-February.

In his blog, John Romero said that the reason for the delay was a few hitches in the work on paid physical publications, which in addition to the mod itself includes asoundtrack and other bonuses. The mod itself will be free.

Sigil is the unofficial fifth episode for the original 1993 Doom, which directly continues the plot of the fourth. The modification includes nine new levels for the campaign and deathmatch.

Studio Romero and his wife Brenda presented a modification in December, coinciding with the announcement of the 25th anniversary of the series Doom.

Sigil will be distributed in the megawad file format, which is used in the original Doom, so the game requires a modified copy of the first part.

John Romero presented Sigil mod for the original Doom – he will continue the story of the game 


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