The developers of Dirt Rally 2.0 talked about the physical model of cars in the game.


The authors noted that they are doing a “serious” rally simulator.

PCGamesN has published the gameplay of the upcoming Dirt Rally 2.0 racing simulator. According to journalist Richard Scott-Jones (Richard Scott-Jones), the game turned out to be exciting and tense. During the races, he had to constantly concentrate on the road and quickly respond to the insidious turns and irregularities of the track

Jones played on the gamepad, because he wanted to evaluate the game the way ordinary gamers would do. The track he drove in New Zealand is covered in dust. According to the editor, this is felt during races: the car loses grip, and when cornering, due to the nature of the ground, it behaves unpredictably.

Game designer Ross Gowing (Ross Gowing) said that the developers have made major changes to the system driving since Dirt 4. Consultant Codemasters is John Armstrong, a WRC2 driver, a cyber sportsman and a fan of the Colin McRae Rally series.

According to Gowing, the developers decided to do exactly Dirt Rally 2.0, not Dirt 5, because the community wanted to see more classic rally races.

We want to make a serious rally game and give the community what it asks. We have front-wheel drive cars of the 60s and 70s. They are thin and easier for beginners to manage. But this is a tough game. Much will have to learn.


Ross Gowing, game designer Dirt Rally 2.0

The type of tire will influence the behavior of the car. Before the race, the game itself offers the right type of wheel. Nevertheless, users will be able to make their own choices if they are sure that other tires will be suitable for their driving style.

Tire wear will also affect the course of the race. A car on wheels for dry asphalt in the rain will be driven much worse. Soft tires, in turn, will give an advantage at the start, but will quickly become unusable. Racing at night or in the rain is fundamentally different from day races in dry weather, the authors note.

The release of Dirt Rally 2.0 is scheduled for February 26th.


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