Resellers sell the remaining Steam-keys Metro Exodus for 5-7 thousand rubles


The price of “loyalty” to the Valve store is high.

January 28 was the last day when Metro Exodus could be pre-ordered on Steam, but until that date, some publishers, including Buku, sold the keys to the Valve store to players.

February 18 on Twitter drew attention to the fact that some of these keys are not yet activated – they can still be purchased from dealers at inflated prices.

For example, on such a copy of Metro Exodus costs from 4777 to 7777 rubles. And on the page where the game is sold for 4999 rubles, it is indicated that the transaction was made more than 300 times.


In the reviews of the product, many users openly write that they overpay for not buying the game in the Epic Games Store.

Metro Exodus went on sale February 15. On the PC, the game was released as an annual exclusive of the Epic Games Store – it will not appear on Steam until mid-February 2020.

On pre-orders Exodus managed to get many Steam users. According to SteamSpy,we are talking about 193 thousand copies, but in the first days the service algorithm greatly overestimates the figures. Probably, this figure will noticeably drop during the week.


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