Apple violated the rules of the App Store by sending a push with Apple Music promo. But, it seems, never strictly behind this and watched


Third-party services and online stores like the Delivery Club constantly send impunity promotions with impunity.

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Apple has sent Apple Music subscribers that they can give a month of subscription to friends who will be invited to the service. However, sending such notifications is prohibited by the App Store guidelines. This was noticed in 9to5Mac.

As the site noted, with a similar notice, Apple violated its own rules . They say that “push-notifications cannot be used for advertising, promotion of shares or direct marketing.” In The Verge turned to Apple for a comment, but did not receive a response.

This is not the first time Apple has violated the push rule on the App Store. For example, the Apple Store app sends a notification to users when new iPhones come out.

Although there are “privilege deprivations” for breaking the rule, it is unlikely that Apple strictly monitors its execution. At least, online stores and delivery services regularly send advertising pushes.


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