According to the Norwegian TV is advertising the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. It is announced only tomorrow


A little more, and Samsung will repeat the story of Google with their model Pixel 3 XL, which could have been bought before the official premiere. Not only that, absolutely everything is already known about the new Galaxy S10 line, so now also on TV 2 in Norway began to show advertisements of devices – although formally they do not exist yet.

The ad once again confirmed all the previous information about smartphones: a frameless display with a hole for the camera, a built-in fingerprint scanner, wireless charging of other devices (for example, Galaxy Buds headphones), three Galaxy S10 + photosensors.

The premiere of smartphones will be held February 20 in San Francisco. The older version of the Galaxy S10 + with 12 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and a ceramic case, according to some information, will cost about three thousand Belarusian rubles in equivalent.


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