The release of Star Citizen story campaign planned for the summer of 2020 the year


The creators received an investment of $ 46 million.

On December 20, Studio Cloud Imperium Games presented the promised schedule for the development of the Star Citizen storyline campaign called Squadron 42. According to it, the project will move to the alpha and optimization stage in the first quarter of 2020, and in the second quarter it will reach beta. The full release of the mode creators of space MMO planned for the summer of the same year.

In addition, the head of Cloud Imperium, Chris Roberts, told the Variety publication that the company had received a private investment of $ 46 million – now its cost is almost half a billion dollars.

The studio was invested by Clive Calder and his son Keith, who owns the music label Zomba Group of Companies – in return, they received a 10% share of Cloud Imperium Games. According to Chris Roberts, the investment on their part will help the company remain independent.

In addition, Cloud Imperium said that since 2012, when the Kickstarter fundraising campaign for Star Citizen began, it has spent $ 193.3 million. Almost 49 million of them were spent for 2017 alone – just over 4 million per month. With all this, the income from the game itself through microtransactions has already exceeded 200 million.

According to Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium wants to give Star Citizen “the release it deserves,” even if it means a large-scale marketing campaign with the purchase of expensive advertising slots and the presence of a title at major gaming events like E3.


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