The release of the shooter PlanetSide Arena again postponed – now for the summer and with the return of funds for preorders


But so the game will be released on PC and PS4 at the same time.

Initially, PlanetSide Arena was supposed to be released on early PC access on January 29, but four days before that Daybreak Games announced that it had decided to postpone the release until March, having finalized the mechanics.

Already on February 16, the studio announced that a shooter with a “royal battle” mode and a team battle of 250 by 250 will be released only in summer and will appear on the PC simultaneously with the PS4. Money for pre-orders returned to the players.

The developers explained that simultaneous release is the main reason for the transfer. It is unclear whether the game will be released on other platforms and whether in this case there will be a cross-play, with which on the PS4 there are no problems only between PCs – with Xbox One or Switch it is only in Fortnite and Rocket League.

Sony itself speaks about the openness of its platform, but the developers of Wargroove said that the company simply refused to cross-play.

The exact release date of PlanetSide Arena, the developers did not call, so it is unclear whether to wait for the game at the beginning, middle or late summer.


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