In the Metro Exodus found “Easter eggs” associated with the tragedy of September 11


She can be seen in a bunker in the Caspian desert.

One of the first references to a streamer was noticed with the nickname Jimmy_Garbuglio.

According to the plot, Artyom needs to penetrate the underground complex where the communications center is located. One of the bunker rooms is an archive where various data and maps are stored, arranged in numbered racks.

However, in the cell for September 2001 there is no tube with a map – instead of it there lies a toy airplane.

Apparently, this is a reference to the tragedy that occurred on September 11 in New York, when terrorists seized several passenger airliners, sending two of them to the towers of the World Trade Center.

Metro Exodus was released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 15th.


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