Hammer and Scalpel: Rainbow Six Siege CGI Trailer


In which they presented a new head of the Rainbow team – Harry Pandy.

Pandy, a former full-time psychologist of the special squad, replaced Aurnelia Arno as a post and received the call sign Six from her.

In a five-minute short film, the head of the Rainbow resolves a conflict between two operatives – hacking specialist Grace “Dokkaebi” Us and paratrooper veteran Mike “Thatcher” Baker from the UK.


Viewers are shown a small scene from Thatcher’s past, in which an operative stands up for his brother by arranging a fight at the bar.

This is the first such short film from Ubisoft on Rainbow Six Siege.

Earlier, the game developers presented two operatives from Australia, which will be added with the Operation Burnt Horizon add-on.


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