Apex Legends ahead of Fortnite in views on Twitch due to the Twitch Rivals tournament


CS: GO eSports events are still ahead.

Thanks to the Twitch Rivals tournament, which was attended by popular streamers, Apex Legends overtook Fortnite by the total viewing time for one day. On February 12, viewers watched a total of 8.4 million hours of stream of the “royal battle” Respawn.

According to statistics from analysts from Gamoloco, Apex Legends overtook Fortnite by 1.2 million hours. Epic Games set its record in July 2018 during the start of the fifth season.

In the overall ranking, Apex Legends ranks fourth and is inferior to the CS: GO competitions. Two places are occupied by the days of the tournament ESL One Cologne 2015 – 12 and 22 August. Also in the top 3 is the ELeague association tournament.

For the first time, Apex Legends achieved high scores on Twitch six days after its release, when the viewing time per day reached 6.9 million hours. The next day, this figure rose to 7.1 million.

Apex Legends was released on February 4 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. According to the latest data , more than 25 million people have played it .


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