Ubisoft changed the composition of publications of Rainbow Six Siege and reduced the cost of operatives


Different versions of the game also received discounts of up to 60%, and on February 14, free weekends will start there.

  • On February 12, the developers presented a new, standard edition of the Rainbow Six Siege, which replaced the Starter Edition. All purchased Starter Edition will automatically upgrade to the standard edition; The progress of the players will continue.
  • Other editions of Rainbow Six Siege – Gold, Deluxe and Ultimate – will include the standard version of the game and operatives from different years, as well as Year 4 Pass, which will open access to the content of the fourth year.
  • In 2019, the developers plan to launch a dynamic pricing system for operatives from the DLC. Thanks to her, characters added to the game long ago will be easier to unlock. Details of the system Ubisoft will tell at Six Invitational, the final of which will take place on February 17.

Since February 12, Rainbow Six Siege has discounts that will end at different times – depending on the digital store.

  • at Ubisoft Store – February 25
  • on Steam – February 18
  • PS Store – March 6
  • Microsoft Store – March 4

February 14, the game also starts a free weekend, which will end on February 17.

Trailer in honor of the temporary free access to the game and the beginning of its 4th year.

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