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How to survive in the Russian wastelands.

In Metro: Exodus, focus shifted from survival to shooting and exploration. On whether this game went to the benefit  Here we have collected tips that will be useful to you in the first hours of the passage – to make it easier to join the adventure.

Do not be afraid to spend cartridges

In Metro 2033, almost every cartridge was counted – they had to be constantly monitored. If they ran out, army ammunition, which acted as money, went into action. In Last Light it was simpler with this, but the essence remained the same – the game taught not to enter into a fight once again.

In Exodus, the player has almost no shortage of cartridges – they can be collected from enemies and crafted from materials that lie at every turn. The game itself has to frequent shooting: the proportion of stealth levels has declined, the number of mutants has increased slightly, and there have also been more staged moments where weapons are forced to use.

Another question is whether it is advisable to start up the cartridges at an expense. Due to the ambiguous shooting mechanics in the game, it is difficult to conduct automatic fire – not all bullets reach the target. Sometimes it’s easier to just continue stealth.

Do not neglect the weapons of dead enemies

In the first two parts, the players kept their personal weapons as their own – because there were unique body kits that could only be adjusted at the transfer points. To exchange it for a rifle that fell from the enemy is like tearing it from the heart.

The pseudo-open world in Exodus has changed the situation. At any time, you can get your hiking backpack and change the upgrade to any of the available in the inventory. Therefore, if the cartridges in your beloved AK in the midst of the battle suddenly ended, try to pick up a double-barreled revolver from the floor – perhaps it will save the situation. In any case, the machine can be returned back upon returning to the base.

But there is an important nuance. In Metro Exodus, some “one-time” upgrades – that is, if you put a fourfold sight on a rifle at the base, and then changed your weapon, you won’t be able to outweigh the upgrade. Be prepared for the fact that your favorite kit will lie somewhere on the battlefield – until you find it somewhere again.

Do not forget to take off the gas mask

In Metro Exodus, one more feature migrated from the past parts: the game does not always make it clear whether the air around is infected or not. When Artyom begins to choke, it becomes obvious that you need to put on a gas mask in an amicable way – but the moments when it can be removed are not immediately clear.

There are two problems with this. First, using a gas mask, you spend filters – if you forget to remove it, then in the future they may simply not be enough. Secondly, during the shootings, bullets can damage the device – you have to repair it.

However, in fairness, sometimes companions are reminded that the gas mask can be removed. If not, then there will be nothing terrible if you try to remove the device in the middle of the zone – suddenly the place of infection is already long behind.

The filters themselves do not need to be changed exactly at the moment when the timer on the clock beeps. The fact is that it happens fifty seconds before the moment when the filter really becomes unusable – that’s when it should be updated. This advice is probably familiar to many more from the last parts.

Clean weapons and repair equipment on time.

In the “Exodus” appeared now common mechanic cleaning weapons. If you walk through puddles, swamps and other sources of dirt, then the weapon will decrease the characteristics and appear unpleasant features – for example, it can jam.

In the inventory for cleaning a separate item is set aside – do not forget to check it. Each weapon has its own conditional “health bar”, which decreases with time. With the outfit the situation is the same: armor occasionally needs to be patched, and a gas mask must be repaired. Materials are spent on it, however one full cleaning them demands very little – so obviously it won’t become a problem.

On locations, explore only points of interest

In Exodus, the game world has become much more than in the previous parts, but the gameplay does not incline to research: the locations are empty, and there is nothing to do in them. It only makes sense to go to those places that are marked on the map.

In the worst case, you will find there some crafting materials, an upgrade to a weapon or a cassette with a lore. In the best – you will come across a simple additional quest that will affect karma (in the “Exodus” it came from the past parts).

In general, the player will not lose anything if he goes only strictly according to the plot: unfortunately, the game almost does not in any way reward the exploration of the world. In the middle of the field can be a dilapidated house, but nothing will be in it.

Try to pass the game covertly – this is a plot meaning

If before the covert passage was only one of the options, now Metro gives the player to understand that this may well affect the plot. Sometimes it concerns only karma: for example, if a gangster has surrendered, and instead of knocking him out, a player cuts his throat, then this will be a “minus” to a good ending.

But a couple of times for the whole game stealth facilitates further passage in general. For example, if in the story mission to sneak around to the leader of the gang and in no way harm his wards (only cutting them down), then he may miss you without a fight. And then the partners will once again remind you how Artyom turned out well.

Do not forget to extinguish light sources – and find a night vision device

In Exodus, the player rarely is surrounded by darkness – even if he decides to explore the open world at night. At this time, the moon rises in the sky, in the light of which the main character can still be noticed.

Therefore, even at night, try to keep the shadows and extinguish the sources of light. As in Splinter Cell, Artem has a light sensor on his arm, which makes it clear whether it is visible or not. Something can be extinguished, coming close (for example, a faker or a bonfire), something – at a distance by a shot. In Metro, shadow is a companion of the player.

Also in the first open location there is one gadget that can be easily missed – this is a night vision device. To pick it up, you need to get the key, freeing the sectarians from the gangsters at one of the points of interest, and later open the door in the Tsar-Fish den.

Visit crew members at free time

If you run headlong through the plot, then there is a risk to miss some of the lines associated with the secondary characters.

You can send comrades between outings when the train is on the way. It is worth walking around in different compartments, listening to conversations, sitting down at a table with workmates — they almost always tell a story there or everyday scenes happen. Such moments are almost the only ones in the game when the characters of the second plan are revealed, and they are very easy to miss.

Metro: Exodus is not too complicated – perhaps even easier than the previous parts. But some of the nuances should be known before the start, so as not to spoil the impression of an accidental mistake.


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