“I would not spend money on it, but I will spend time”: critics about Crackdown 3


Most journalists claim that the game is outdated.

On February 14, the first reviews of the Crackdown 3 action appeared on the network – an exclusive Microsoft, announced back in 2014.

For the first several dozen reviews, the average Metacritic rating for the Xbox One game version was only 62 points out of 100.

Many journalists compared the game with the first part, noting that this is not the best compliment – after all, the original for the Xbox 360 has seriously become outdated.

Crackdown 3 is a good Crackdown, which, unfortunately, no longer means that much. […]

The most amazing feature of this game is how unpretentious and devoid of ambition. Content seems outdated, as a reminder of a bygone era.

Of course, in a sense, it is even pleasant, but the disappointment is much stronger. Crackdown 3 is good to get away from something, but nothing more.Brett MacedonianDestructoid Browser

Someone even said that Crackdown 3 – “is a game for the Xbox 360, which pretends to be from the current generation of consoles.”

Some have called the action “the perfect game for Game Pass,” a Microsoft service whose subscribers will access it immediately after release.

For example, the author of the portal The Verge stated that Crackdown 3 is a “Netflix Original film from the world of video games,” that is, amusement in every sense.

It happens that you really like the series, but then it starts to “sag” and in the end it is canceled. The authors say that they would like to make another season or even a remake, but it has been stuck in the “production hell” for years.

Then Netflix or someone else decides to pour more money into the project and it still goes. It turns out not as good as you remember the original, but you can get pleasure. Besides, you still pay for Netflix – it’s a sin to complain that they gave you that and it is “free.”

This is Crackdown 3.Sam ByfordThe Verge Browser

The Polygon browser even scared something . He suggested that all Microsoft exclusives in the future will be just that.

The more I think about this game, the more it seems to me that this is a thick hint of the future of the entire Xbox library. Crackdown 3 is the clearest example of an Xbox game in 2019. Yes, for the worse, but for the better too. […]

I wouldn’t spend my money on Crackdown 3. But I would take my time.Chris PlantePolygon Browser

Most journalists agreed that there was nothing really outstanding in the game, complaining about the empty open world and gameplay, which almost does not change as the campaign progresses.

Crackdown 3 is like a category “B” fighter who tries to entertain the viewer with an awkward high-octane action, a kind of kaleidoscope of explosions.

But only the best fighters succeed due to the style and meaningfulness of what is happening. And Crackdown 3 is not one of them.Brandin TyrrelIGN Browser

And some authors even directly told the readers in the announcements of their materials that the exclusive from Microsoft was not worth several years of waiting.

Finally, three years late, Crackdown 3 comes out, but was it worth the wait? Oh my god, no

Five years later, after the announcement of Crackdown 3, almost no one noticed.

And someone even joked in their headlines.

Crackdown 3 Review: Terry Crews simulator is a little miracle.

The release of Crackdown 3 will be held February 15 on PC and Xbox One.


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