Do not update your iPhone: it may be painful


Apple recently released an update for its mobile OS. It is claimed that iOS 12.1.4 will help you to avoid interception through FaceTime. Very important option! But more and more users report that after installing the update, their iPhones began to work even worse.

Judging by the reviews of owners of smartphones from Apple, “the most high-tech in the world” are experiencing communication problems. After installing iOS 12.1.4, the LTE module on the phone starts to work much slower. Plus, a lot of new complaints have been added that the iPhone occasionally loses its Wi-Fi network.

But the worst thing is that some devices no longer see the installed SIM-card, leaving the owners without any connection at all. In general, as it happens from time to time with iOS, it’s better not to install the update yet: you have to wait for a new update that fixes the “jambs” of the old update.


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