Reuters announced the closure of the program Airbus A380


Not the first year there are rumors that Airbus is not doing well with its flagship – the world’s largest A380 airliner. Now Reuters sources report that the French concern will nevertheless curtail the release of this aircraft.

The fate of the A380 project has long been uncertain: the program was kept afloat mainly by Emirates – at its disposal more than a hundred aircraft of this model, while orders from other airlines are much more modest. Now, according to Reuters, Airbus hopes to interest the Emirates with the A350 and A330 family.

The Airbus A380 is a four-engine, double-deck wide-body airliner. It became the largest passenger aircraft in the world with a height of 24 meters, a length of 72 meters and a wingspan of almost 80 meters. The liner is able to accommodate more than eight hundred passengers in the one-class version of the cabin. A380 operated since 2007, all produced more than two hundred copies.

Airbus representatives declined to comment on Reuters information.


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