Now officially: Airbus will stop production of the world’s largest liner

Yesterday the Reuters publication, citing its sourcesclaimed that Airbus would stop producing the A380 model. Now the information is confirmed by the aircraft manufacturer. The last copy of the double-deck liner, which became the largest in the world, will go to the customer in 2021.

The main operator of the Airbus A380, the airline Emirates, reduced the number of orders for the nicknamed SuperJumbo airliner. Instead, the aircraft Emirates chose seventy A330 and A350 – they are cheaper, smaller and more economical.

No one writes off the released A380s: now there are about 230 aircraft of this model flying in the world, and they will be in use for at least the next decade. Also at Emirates and Airbus, they noted that passengers are very fond of this aircraft – and they will still have the opportunity to travel on the largest liner.

The aircraft is produced only fourteen years. The first commercial flight liner made in 2007. The wingspan is 79.75 meters, the length of the aircraft is 73 meters. The Boeing 747-8I is the only competitor to the liner: it is three meters longer than the Airbus, but its wingspan is about eleven meters smaller.


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