In the pre-release trailer, Far Cry: New Dawn showed deadly beauty and pain


Tomorrow will be the release of crazy cry Far Cry: New Dawn, the game comes out less than a year after Far Cry 5. Initially, it was clear that the degree of madness will grow, and the final trailer for the shooter proves it. Ubisoft has prepared a pre-release video clip, which reminds of all the confusion and chaos that gamers will begin to regale in Far Cry: New Dawn.

The good news is that to replace the almost immortal turkeys, which were met in Far Cry 5 was absolutely contraindicated, come boar, death from the tusks of which will not be so offensive.

Villains in the game, we recall, will be the sisters Mickey and Lou, who heads the Highwayman terrorist group. They will enforce orders in the “post-apocalyptic future” of Hope County, coming 17 years after a nuclear explosion.


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