Hackers stole 620 million accounts and sell them at Darkweb for $ 20,000


16 major Internet sites were hacked, and data on their 620 million accounts were stolen, reports Register . Now these data are available for sale on one of the forums in the “darkweb”. They want to get $ 20,000 for the base. Not in cash, not by bank transfer, but in bitcoins.

It is reported that the stolen database contains information from these sites: Dubsmash (162 million accounts), MyFitnessPal (151 million), MyHeritage (92 million), ShareThis (41 million), HauteLook (28 million), Animoto (25 million), EyeEm (22 million), 8fit (20 million), Whitepages (18 million), Fotolog (16 million), 500px (15 million), Armor Games (11 million), BookMate (8 million), CoffeeMeetsBagel (6 million), Artsy (1 million) and DataCamp (700,000).

The database contains the names of the account holders, email addresses and passwords in a hashed form or subjected to one-way encryption. Before getting their original look, attackers will have to tinker with their decoding. Different sites collect different information, and therefore in the database you can find the location, social network authentication tokens, as well as other personal data of the owners.

Potential buyers of the database may be spammers who may be interested in such a large list of email addresses.


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