Elon Musk called the price of a ticket to Mars (back – free)

Elon Musk voiced the price of a ticket to Mars, which, according to him, “will ever be $ 500 thousand”. The businessman noted that the price will depend on the volume of traffic. In addition, according to Musk, someday the ticket price will drop below $ 100 thousand. For countries with developed economies, this is not too expensive, I am sure the founder of SpaceX.

“It’s cheap enough that most people from advanced economies could sell a house on Earth and move to Mars if such a desire arises, ” wrote Elon Musk.

The forecast is interesting, but it will take a long time before real flights to Mars. Therefore, the price of a ticket can be called almost any. However, both private and state-owned enterprises are still full of enthusiasm to realize one of the dreams of mankind – to send a man beyond the orbit of the Moon and land on one of the neighboring planets.

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