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Activision Blizzard will fire 775 employees – 8% of the staff


The process will not affect those who make games.

ContinuedQuarterly report publishers and plans for the “hard” in 2019 , including Call of Duty with the campaign and the lack of major releases from Blizzard.


Rumors of future cuts “hundreds of people” went since November. However, on February 12, Blizzard CEO Jay Allen Brack confirmed them in a letter to employees. The company intends to “focus” on the directions that bring it maximum profit.

Over the past few years, many of our non-development teams have grown due to the emergence of various needs.

Now the number of employees in some areas is inflated, given the schedule of our releases. This means that we need to scale down some parts of our organization.

I’m sorry, but today we are parting with some of our colleagues from the United States. In local offices, we expect the same revaluation.Jay allen brackBlizzard president

According to Variety , Activision Blizzard will dismiss 775 people from 9600 – about 8% of the state.

The publishing house promises that the dismissed will receive a “generous” severance pay, bonus bonuses tied to profits for the past year (for Blizzard employees), extension of health insurance, and even retraining assistance for new work.

According to Kotaku, the cut will affect Activision, Blizzard, and even Mobile King. Fired mainly those who do not create the game – employees engaged in publishing, eSports and other secondary areas.

Over the past six months, the value of shares of Activision Blizzard has fallen by almost half. The financial image of the company was influenced by the failure to start Destiny 2: Forsaken and the further termination of cooperation with Bungie, due to which the publisher would lose about $ 400 million in revenue per year. At the same time, the number of active users of Activison games has ceased to grow – despite the success of Black Ops 4.

Stagnation also became apparent in Blizzard – since the release of Overwatch, the studio has not released a single full release, and Diablo IV is still in the early stages of development due to several restarts. Against the background of reports in the media about the increase in tension in Blizzard, the studio is preparing to leave its former general director, Michael Morheim. According to the Kotaku report , Blizzard is pumping up its development teams by staff to increase the pace of release of new games.


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