Media: Unity will be released to the stock exchange in 2020 year


The company is preparing for the initial placement.

According to the Cheddar website, Unity is preparing to place its shares on the financial exchange. Public offering (IPO) should take place in the first half of 2020 – it was then, according to sources, the conditions will be as favorable as possible.

As noted by Gamasutra , in the future, developers using Unity should pay attention to the company’s stock market indicators, as large investors can affect its operation.

As Cheddar analyst Brandon Ross noted, Unity offers investors a safe investment in a growing gaming industry without making a choice in favor of a particular publisher. He also noted that bidders are now more aware of the importance of game engines and their role in the industry. This was influenced by the success of Fortnite, which runs on the Unreal Engine, owned by Epic Games.

In May 2017, Unity received a $ 400 million investment from Silver Lake. At that time, the cost of Unity Technologies was estimated at 2.6 billion dollars.


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