GitHyp: The number of Beta viewers of The Division 2 on Twitch turned out to be almost 50 thousand less than the beta of the first part.


The game also performed worse than current competitors: Apex Legends and Anthem.

According to GitHyp statistics, on the first day of the closed beta testing of The Division 2, the peak number of viewers on Twitch was 105 thousand. This is several times less than that of competitors in the face of Apex Legends with the maximum number of viewers at 486 thousand and the first “beta” Anthem (324 thousand viewers).

The Division 2 loses to other games, for example, MMO Atlas (318 thousand spectators) and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (508 thousand spectators). GitHyp notes that, as in the case of Watch Dogs 2, The Division sequel shows worse results than the original. “Beta” of the first part of the shooter at the start showed the result of 149 thousand spectators.

The report’s authors point out that low numbers of viewers can be an indicator of weak sales of a title. This rule worked in the case of Battlefield V and Fallout 76. In addition, Ubisoft has once misled the players in the case of the first The Division. After the release of the shooter, gamers were unhappy with the graphics , which did not correspond to the demonstration at E3 2013.

The Division 2 is released March 15th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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